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SOLD Star Trek Voyager Costume: Male Drayan Soldier Costume from Innocence Episode

From the Paramount Star Trek Warehouse comes this Two Piece Drayan Soldier uniform that was used as a costume in the Star Trek: Voyager episode: "Innocence"

The costume consists of a tunic top and matching pants. There is a netting for the hands and head that is intact as well as the same netting material over the trousers. The costume comes with a Voyager costume tag informing us of what the character is; who the actor that wore the costume is as well as the episode. The names on the labels match the tag. A close up of the two labels is below:

We also have a screen capture from the episode showing the costume.

This would make a great costume collectible to any Voyager collector. We will furnish a Certificate of Authenticity from stating that the piece was used as costume piece for use in Star Trek: Voyager episode "Innocence" and obtained from the Paramount Pictures Warehouse.